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I was trying to look through today and noticed that I got the fail whale of death.

As my frustration grew because I could not search something I needed (#betterdayschallenge) I noticed something very peculiar.

Check out what is in the top right corner:

Twitter and Tumblr joining forces?

At first I thought I was on a fake twitter site, but that couldn’t be because it was
Then I just thought it was a weird mistake that my computer started freaking out, but that too was not the issue.

The more I think about it, twitter and tumblr joining forces could be a very real possibility.

Here is a thought:
The reason twitter and tumblr could be joining forces on the side of things is for the feature of gathering content, conversation, and news. As Gary Vee has made a necessary for any business, tumblr could bring in some great features that allow people to follow conversations and gain more attention to conversations.

I would love to hear what you have to say on this. What could Twitter and Tumblr possibly be doing here?

You love Apple, I love Apple, we all love Apple.

No one is denying that they are one of the most beloved companies around.
As well, no one is arguing they are one of the wealthiest companies around.

Apple (specifically Steve Jobs) have figured out a way to build brand loyalty and also build their bank account.

Have you ever wondered how Apple has created this system of loyalty and revenue?

They have created a perfect circle monopoly. Let me explain…

The hottest thing out there right now is the iPhone 4s. Apple is selling 16 iPhone 4s every second (dang). One of the reasons these are selling so fast is the new personal assistant called Siri

This piece of technology has caused millions to upgrade to the new phone and ditch yesterday’s technology for the chance to interact with a robot (my dad even has one). The genius thing about Siri is that they barely created the technology. In fact, you could have gotten Siri long before the iPhone 4s was released. It was an app that was available for purchase in the app store. But Apple saw an opportunity. Quickly they remove the app from the store (this plays in later), bought the company, or technology, that created the app (for 200 million bucks), and made it their greatest feature in their newest form of technology.

This is the perfect circle of monopoly that Apple has created.
Figuring out a way to build a product that needs another product that works with other products.

Confused? How about this…

Apple releases the iPod in 2oo1, but the reason this release was so successful was the announcement of iTunes and more importantly the iTunes store. Now you could purchase music, for your purchased iPod and listen whenever you want. Let’s call this the foundation.

Building off  the foundation, Apple then released the iPhone that completely revolutionized smart phones, social media and business. But this technology was made possible because of the iPod. What also made the release of the iPhone so successful was the ability to download apps. Where do you download these apps? The iTunes Store. Let’s call this the building blocks.

So Apple has its foundation, they are starting to build their foundation up bigger and now it is time to put it over the top. So Apple, getting back to who they truly are (software), pushes their operating system forward even more by creating Lion, IOS5, and Final Cut Pro.

Apple now controls the technology you use, the way you use it, and why you use it. They own you :)

But lets take this perfect circle monopoly further.

Let’s say you are an app maker. You create an app like Angry Birds, one of the highest selling apps ever created, and make tons of money for creating a simple game that is addicting. Sounds great right? Well, Apple is smiling just as much as you are. Why? Because they make money off of you making money. So not only did they create a store that didn’t exist, then they created the technology to have things to sell in this store, they then created a market for themselves that made money for themselves. They are literally making millions by doing absolutely nothing.

Now are you seeing the perfect circle created?

So getting back to Siri. Apple sees the technology (in their own store), takes it down, buys it, puts it into their phone, and blows peoples minds.

So what can you learn from this?

Finding a way to create a foundation that allows you to put building blocks on top is the most important thing you can do to become “successful.” Many of us want to rush ahead and get over the mountain. But ultimately we have to start building the foundation that will allow us to stand on top of the mountain.

So how do we build this foundation? You start with small things. Gaining momentum by gaining little wins. You write that book outline, you start the blog, you research a product, you write your first song lyric, you take spanish lessons, you ask that girl or guy out on a date, you write down your dreams, you read a book.

These are the things that build a foundation that will later lead to other things. This foundation will be the thing that you continue to come back to over and over. Apple continued to come back to the iTunes Store and the iPod technology. This was what guided them.

We all need to find a way to build a foundation that allows us to move forward.

Go and start



Tell me the last time you heard someone say:
“I am looking for someone really talented, does great work, and charges a lot of money.”

That just does not happen. If you had a dollar for every time someone said “looking for a _________ (insert design, music, food, or everything here) that is amazing and cheap” you would be someone who could afford paying top dollar for everything.

After having a conversation with a friend about the model his place of work has setup (cheap and excellent) for design work and then reading this tweet below:

I cannot hold my tongue anymore.

The idea of cheap and great really does not exist, at least not in the way you want it to exist. And yet the idea of cheap some how equates to receiving exactly what you want for little to no cost. That logic makes about as much sense as a 400lb man in skinny jeans.

You never hear someone say, “I am looking for the cheapest surgeon who does the best work” or “I am looking for the cheapest exterminator to get rid of my termite problem.” Those words are never uttered because they affect your way of life, and if it affects your life you want the best. So why is it that when looking for design, music, or products people expect everything to be cheap and great?

The problem that continues to rise for most is value. We are all looking for great value, the difference is in what we define as value. For most, value comes down to getting a great price and neglecting the results. But when we step back and look at “the value” we simply see that value comes down to results and what is produced. So if you spend $1000 on a website but make $2000 in advertising, well that is a great value. Value comes down to results of something, not the price of something.

Can we all agree today, this very moment, that great work does not come free. That you should never expect someone to deliver you an exceptional website for $200. And that there is no such thing as cheap and great.

Just remember, you get what you paid for.