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Getting things done seems to be the goal of anyone at the start of a new year. There are several solutions that can provide anyone the chance to complete this goal. Hard work, dedication, and co-workers. But one area that often can go overlooked is project management tools.

As I continue to learn more about the communication world I am often reminded of the importance of keeping things on task, on time, and on priority. As I searched for a solution to help me accomplish these goals I had a hard time coming up with anything useful. I turned to twitter, google and anyone who would listen to compile a list of resources that could be useful for the team I work with and you.

Here are the 5 best project management tools from around the web:

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Social Media continues to move in the direction of sharing. People continue to share what they are doing, what they life, and what they think you should be doing. As this continues to grow the trust is placed in peoples hands rather then the traditional gate keepers of big business.

I am excited for the release of Oink, the first app from Milk (Kevin Rose’s company). This is a social sharing app that puts you in charge and lets you suggest and rate your experience.

Check out this video explaining more about Oink:

I have quickly downloaded this app and have started rating things. I truly believe that social is turning more into authority to share. Once again, the gate keepers are now the people, and we now suggest what to do, like, and enjoy.

I think you will enjoy this app :)


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