Music Tuesday: Coldplay

For your sake I hope you have already heard the new Coldplay album Mylo Xyloto. But if not, I got the hook up for you.

This album continues to build on the previous strong albums that we have come to love from Coldplay like Viva La Vida, X & Y, and Parachutes. But to be honest this album could be their best.

You and everyone else (minus the music snobs who hate music that any one else likes) will love this album.

Confused by the name of the album Mylo Xyloto, here is what Chris Martin has to say about it, (it is) “based on a love story with a happy ending, in which two protagonists: Mylo and Xyloto, who are living in an oppressive, dystopian urban environment, meet one another through a gang called “The Lost Boys”, and fall in love.”

That should make you want to listen

(side note, I have tried to get this up on grooveshark all day, not working. Sorry)

You wont be able to listen in google reader or your phone. Come here to listen

Kyle Reed


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One response to Music Tuesday: Coldplay

  1. Kyle, I’m listening to it right now. More great stuff. I actually heard an interview where Chris Martin said the album name means nothing. When the interviewer asked him about some other meaning he had given it (which was nothing like the one you mentioned above), Martin said, “Well, yeah, that’s what I said then, but now it’s different.” So, I think, in Martin fashion, he’s just yanking all of our chains and having his own brand of fun.

    Great album.

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