What Happens When You Show Up

Last night was the greatest baseball game I have ever watched. It started off as a crazy game at the beginning. I was sitting in my favorite sports bar, surrounded by smoke, friends, and my hamburger. About inning 7 I was walking out the door so frustrated that I couldn’t even stand to be around people. As I drove home the Texas Rangers had just hit another homerun and I was over this whole World Series thing.

Fast forward an hour or two and I was standing alone in my apartment, waving my arm in a circular motion telling the runner to score from second base on a triple by David Freese. An hour later I was calling and texting every St. Louis Cardinals fan I know and celebrating. What a night.

As the night continued and the clock grew closer to my wake up time (5am) I started to dread the morning. High on the excitement of a comeback win I was more interested in sleeping this one off then getting up to go to a breakfast 25 minutes away.

The alarm sounded, I jumped out of bed, then jumped back in. I probably laid there for 15 minutes going back and forth on going or not. I played every situation out.
“I made a commitment, I need to go.”
“But if I go I will be tired for the rest of the day, and I have a lot of work to do, a baseball game to watch tonight and precious sleep to gain.”

Guess what? I decided to go.

As I walked into that breakfast, the guy(s) that I was meeting with said that part of the reason the breakfast was so early was because often times people ask to meet with him and he uses the earliness of the morning to weed out the people who simi-want to pursue mentoring and their dream and those that will do whatever it takes.

I will be honest, I didn’t want to go, but after hearing that I realized why I needed to be there.

There will always be more time to sleep, more time to watch television, more time to lay on the couch, and more time to surf the internet. But missing out on an opportunity to grow and pursue something is not worth missing for an extra hour of something we do every day.

I realized something this morning, most of life is about showing up and being faithful.


Kyle Reed


I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack.I currently live in Nashville and walk to a coffee shop every morning.

19 responses to What Happens When You Show Up

  1. Had one of those early mornings myself, this morning. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a lesson I have learned both ways — experiencing showing up and gaining the wisdom – and getting that extra sleep and waking up and hearing about what an incredible opportunity I missed.

    I have learned that what you have learned.. Showing up is always better – and if what you showed up to blows, you can always leave… Or take a nap.

  3. BAM! Nailed it, man.
    Thanks for posting.

  4. The struggle I have sometimes is the person who has provided an opportunity for another. What if they don’t show up? What if they don’t make the effort I did? When is it time to give up on them? I really have a hard time knowing when is the right time to stop pursuing them.

  5. Good stuff. I suck at mornings. period. Being on the west coast right now is helping though.

  6. Exactly! Show and prove!

  7. I’m not a cards fan or huge baseball fan for that matter, but that truly was one of the most dramatic, exciting baseball games ever!

  8. Sweet! This is such a good reminder. I’m a morning person (but not one of THOSE morning people), but this is a good reminder to use my productive times to actually BE productive rather than goof off and day dream in bed. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Yes it is. Thanks for being faithful!

  10. Just read this and I couldn’t agree more! I see it in ministry all the time. Times where it seems like my going out or teaching will be a wash but ends up impacting another. For weeks a fellow missionary and i sat and waited for weeks till someone showed up at our apartment church, I never thought sitting alone in a cold, dark apartment (we had no heat and only a lamp) would end up being the ministry it is today. If we would of gotten discouraged and stopped showing up it wouldn’t of had the chance to grow, or at least with us it wouldn’t of.

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