Why Google Chrome Continues To Dominate As Best Web Browser Option

Any time you say something is the best, dominates, or (for all you video game players/8th grade guys) pwns something you will probably take some heat. But like all those fictitious television grandma’s say: “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

I made the switch to Google Chrome as my main browser about a year and a half ago and have not looked back. What sold me? The ability to search google inside the browser…that is what sold me.
Let me show you:

Not only was that an amazing feature (coupled with googles ability to instantly show you search results) but the speed of Google Chrome was hands down better then any other browser out there, even Internet Explorer (sorry Mom).

And last but not least, Google Chrome has showed the most progression with HTML5 and CSS3. Don’t know what I am talking about, check out this experiment with HTML5 and Arcade Fire found here.

I tell you all of this for one reason, Google just released a new version of Chrome yesterday and added some new features that I wanted to show you.

I use Google Chrome, but I know it is not perfect. It does have one major draw back that I have found. It does not have the ability to work with Firebug. This is a major hold up for me considering that I use this tool daily. But if you are not a firebug user, or do what I do and just open firefox when you need to use firebug then I think Google Chrome could be a great browser for you to start using.

So what browser do you use?


PS: And if you need even another reason, 60 minutes can now be a feature on your browser…amazing.

Kyle Reed


I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack.I currently live in Nashville and walk to a coffee shop every morning.

14 responses to Why Google Chrome Continues To Dominate As Best Web Browser Option

  1. I also have been using Chrome for about as long as you… for the same main reason; address bar search. :)

  2. If only it would work better with a laptop without a mouse I would switch. I love it, but there is no auto middle mouse for opening bookmarks etc within Chrome yet.

    Until something like tabs mix plus arrives on Chrome I will be working in FF.

    • gotcha, well not really, but I will take your word for it :)

      • So for me, I rely heavily on bookmarks in my workflow. I don’t want to open a bookmark in a current tab, but rather a new tab. Without having a middle click on my MBP, or a mouse, I have to right click select new tab etc.

        It’s a hassle that I haven’t had to live with for years and has been part of my daily workflow.

        A small yet HUGE thing for me and my workflow.

        • well if you hold command then click on it that opens it up in a new tab

          • exactly, BUT I don’t have to do that in FF so I never have had to. So now my workflow would be different if I had to do that.

            I get the middle click with a mouse or hold the command button, but I also know that FF works just fine, maybe a bit slower, but my workflow is much faster with it.

            Well when I am on my laptop that is.

  3. I’ve been using Chrome almost exclusively for over two years now. However, in the last few weeks I’ve had trouble both at work and at home with the flash plugin crashing. Hope it doesn’t continue.

  4. shellie (baylormum) October 26, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    I started using Chrome at least a year ago. I had kind of followed your use & comments. And I cannot get my husband to leave IE either!! Stubborn older people!
    My only complaint (and it hasn’t happened recently) is it used to crash. A lot. I know a lot of that is because I use a dinosaur that is 12 years old & very slow. I had a virus about a year ago, too, and in a 2 week span, a tech person from malware removal dot com helped me move a lot of files to the D drive. I also have an external hard drive for my itunes music & pictures.
    And I am unimpressed with how slow the DSL is in my neighborhood!! Going from a fiber optic connection back to DSL is trying my patience!!
    And I have a problem, that maybe you can help me with. Every time I close out iTunes, my library disappears. The music is all on the external hard drive, but it won’t save on iTunes. “The iTunes library file cannot be saved. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”.
    I have done the following: I have uninstalled & reinstalled iTunes (via the directions on apple’s website). I have run the check disk command several times. I have run TFC. I have downloaded & tried to use Delete Doctor. There are 2 files that will not delete via any of these methods. It started when we moved to Bakersfield & I went from the fiber-optics to DSL. I know that probably has nothing to do with it, but it’s a point of reference, I guess. Do you have any other suggestions? (minus suggesting a new computer!)Thanks!

  5. I’ve been using Chrome for a long time. Shockwave recently started crashing on every site with a video or anything. So it’s FF for now until that quits.

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